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Parliamentary Reporter Job Profile |

Parliamentary Reporters report and alter records of Assembly whole sittings, important Committee gatherings, and different other material connecting with Assembly business and add to the creation of the Official Report (Hansard) in its various pretenses.


Day-to-day Duties & Responsibilities of Parliamentary Reporter:

  • Attending gatherings of the Assembly and its Committees to give an exact, sequential, clear log and to see what is happening; distinguish every Member who talks; note in full their initial words; note any comments made off-receiver; and report any references to, for instance, appropriate names, places, specialized terms, and statements.
  • Take a look at spelling and accentuation, correct linguistic mistakes, and, where essential, alter material while respecting the substance’s political setting.
  • Utilizing a PC and given recorded sound, produce, inside a concurred cutoff time, an exact and linguistically proper record of discourse adjusting to Hansard parliamentary revealing style and reliably recording House technique, as set out in appropriate Hansard direction.
  • Research, utilizing suitable sources, references to appropriate names, place names, specialized phrasing, authentic, geological, and artistic references, unfamiliar words and expressions, and so forth.
  • Assist with preparing material for distribution and guarantee that it is delivered and distributed inside foreordained timescales.
  • Peruse and alter material created by others to ensure that it is precise and adjusts to Hansard’s publication and procedural rules.
  • Answer questions from Assembly Members, witnesses, public, and staff and make the right move in counsel with Assistant Editors, Deputy Editors, or Editor if necessary.
  • Deal with their presentation and step up to the plate and recognize their self-improvement needs and how those needs can be met.
  • Give different articles, logging, announcing, editing, ordering, and other administrations as expected by Assistant Editors/Deputy Editors/Editor.
  • Go about as venture colleagues and work with different groups in the association.
  • Follow the Assembly Commission’s Equal Opportunities and Dignity at Work approaches and techniques.
  • Address the Office of the Official Report and the Assembly at other gatherings, meetings, courses, etc.
  • Complete different obligations that the Assembly Commission sensibly expects of you.

Fundamental Requirements needed to be a Parliamentary Reporter

Candidates for the post should have, by the end date for applications:

  1. GCSE/GCE ‘O’ level passes at grades A to C in four subjects other than the English language, and a GCSE/GCE ‘O’ level pass at grade An or A* in English. [Applications will be considered from up-and-comers with conventional critical capabilities of the same or better quality than those stated.]
  • The capacity to decipher, research, and convey confounded verbal and composed data, contentions, reports, and so forth.
  • No less than two years’ total except for not persistent involvement with the planning, altering, and distributing records or practicing article judgment in developing composed material for distribution or assessment.




  1. a) At least three years’ total yet not continued involvement with the planning, altering, and distributing records or practicing article judgment in creating composed material for distribution or assessment.
  2. b) the capacity to decipher, research and impart muddled verbal and composed data, contentions, reports, and so on


Abilities and Behaviors:

The accompanying Assembly Skills and Behaviors will be surveyed during the determination interaction:

  • Parliamentary and Political Understanding shows a suitable comprehension of the more extensive world of politics, what the Assembly does and how our job fits in, and the degree of public examination to which the activities and choices of Assembly staff are uncovered. It requires fair-mindedness, honesty, and political responsiveness.
  • Building Relationships and Effective communication is making and keeping up with positive, proficient, and conscious inward and outer working connections through viable and fitting correspondences.
  • Giving Quality Service is tied to providing our clients excellent and productive support. It is thinking ahead, overseeing assets, and getting work on time and to an elevated expectation. It is likewise utilizing proficient or specialized skills to upgrade administration conveyance.
  • The capacity to grasp complex contentions
  • The capacity to deliver precise work to severe cutoff times
  • Strong English language abilities
  • Extraordinary relational abilities and the capacity to work with others
  • Capability being used of the Microsoft Office Suite, and a capacity to adjust to new programming programs


Salary of a Parliamentary Reporter


A parliamentary reporter has an excellent salary. The salary of a parliamentary reporter depends on the state.

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