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Tips and Tricks to Help New York Digital Nomads

One of the greatest benefits to come out of the digital revolution is that we are no longer boxed into a single geographic location. We can live and work anywhere and everywhere we choose. If you’ve recently picked New York as your permanent or temporary home base for your business, today’s Roaming Desk post offers up a few tips on how to make the most of your nomadic adventure.


Let’s Talk Dollars And Cents


While you can choose to live and work anywhere you want, that doesn’t mean you can afford it. As interesting as New York is, it’s not the place you want to go if you’re on a low or moderate income. For example, if you live in the big city, the average rent in Manhattan is more than $4,140 per month, and that’s for a 700 square foot apartment. That doesn’t include food, utilities, or transportation. For reference, rent in another big city, Houston, Texas, is about $1,400 per month for a one bedroom. 


NY Business Laws Might Be Different


If you own your own business, you already know the rules and regulations vary state to state and from city to city. However, what you might not realize is that even the business formation process is different. Forming an LLC in New York, like everything else, can get expensive if you use an attorney. To save money here, use a formation service for your New York LLC registration. 


Tools Of The Trade


When you don’t work from a stationary location, a laptop computer is a must. Look for one that won’t die quickly if you have to disconnect from the power. Online magazine Laptop explains that some portable computers last longer than others, and there are even laptop options with batteries that last for more than 18 hours. They certainly go quickly if you’re doing something process intensive like editing, so you may want to try a video editing service if you’re in a pinch. Knowing where to turn when you need help can make or break your business.


You also want to make sure that you have a portable power bank and Wi-Fi hotspot available. If you have equipment, such as a computer, camera, or other tools of your trade, you also want to invest in insurance. If you don’t plan to live in one spot for very long, you won’t have the benefit of homeowners and renters insurance, which may cover $500 worth of your business property. A standalone insurance policy for freelancers should include liability, cyber liability, and business property.


Coworking Spaces Are An Option


If you are truly nomadic, you may not have a home base to work from routinely. But, never fear, because there are plenty of co-working spaces in New York. UnCubed lists nine of the best, including the 17,050 square-foot Spaces NY, which is located in the famous Falchi building. 


Seeing The Sites


For all the reasons that you chose New York as a stop on your nomadic journey, Times Square probably tops the list. But, there are lots of other interesting and less crowded areas to visit. Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital ruins, the world’s first elevator shaft, and the Please Don’t Tell hidden speakeasy all come to mind. For those of you with artistic endeavors in mind, the graffiti tunnel at 191st subway station and the architecturally unique The Vessel should all be stops you make during your time in NYC.


Today’s professionals no longer require a cubicle to get things done. You can easily run your business anywhere, from the big city to the most remote regions, while experiencing all that life has to offer. You don’t have to sacrifice your income, but you may need to get creative to afford a certain area, like New York.


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