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The world is really influenced with the global pandemic covid 19 and bring the global health challenges around the world. it has created a lot of challenges on every country, everyone is facing challenges on economically, emotionally, psychologically, logistically and educationally in the world is facing a worst fear of living with uncertainty because this covid 19 virus is contagious and mutated and taking everybody life and turning into death. According to the news, the covid 19 virus really affected on the little children and old aged people because of the weak immune system, the virus brings a big social change in the world.

Covid 19 brings a lot challenges around the world and financial issues are one of the challenges that the people are facing.

Different companies are now offering jobs for remote work because of this covid pandemic. The 2020 year s really bring a new shift in the lives of the people and the people are sitting in the home or anywhere around the world and working from home just to earn money and making themselves financially stable.

Work from home without degree

Glassdoor is one of the best websites online that provides a high paying job as well. According to the Glassdoor, I am mentioning different jobs that really paying high amount of money and its required time and energy to perform different jobs.

Therefore, According to the Glassdoor recent report, the below mentioned jobs are really paying you well if you are working from home, the only thing that you need to do, just go the Glassdoor website, sign up an account over there, fill the required information about your profile, qualification and working experiences and apply those jobs accordingly as well.


Account manager

The account manager job responsibilities are very from the companies and the job required to solve the client issues and meeting the expectation of the company and building a good relationship with the client and the company as well. their salary ranges from 40000 dollars to 80 dollars as well.


Business development manager

The business development manager job responsibilities are creating new business opportunities for the clients and its company and providing an effective framework to run the business operation task smoothly. Their salary ranges from 50000 dollars to 120000 dollars as well.


Full stack web developer

The full stack web developer job responsibilities are to understand the different languages of the computer and perform some task such as data base, server, and system engineering. Their salary ranges from 50000 dollars to 1170000 dollars as well.


Project manager

The project manager job responsibilities are to solve the different problem and working on the solution and to provide the framework of the timeline and deliverable of the project. Moreover, the budgeting is also involved the overall cost of the project. The salary ranges from 510000 dollars to 1110000 dollars as well


UX design

The UX design is stands for user experience, this position is allowing to design the different product in a very friendly manner so that the customers will buy the products as well. The clients usually work with different software online to perform this job description task effectively and meeting the company requirement and expectation well. Their salary ranges from 620000 to 130000 dollars as well.


Client service director

The client service directors job responsibilities are collaborated effectively with the client and maintain a good relationship with them and to solve them their problems. Their salary ranges from 76000 dollars to 160000 dollars as well.


Senior software engineer

The senior software manager job responsibilities are about to aware of the different languages of the computers, to understand software as well as programming languages and be able to understand the language of computer operating system.  Their salary ranges from 100000 dollars to 166000 dollars as well.



According to the physician job description is concerned, the physician must have a bachelor’s degree in major in medical studies and have some working experience as a residence training for around three to four years as well. their salary ranges 120000 dollars to 303000 dollars as well


Research Projects

Research projects are important source of income and its really pays well. If the young graduates and professionals are aware of the job responsibilities of the research work are mentioning below. The research work required focused work and it can be applied by choosing your area of interest field and contacting different professors and write in email to them that you really want to work on research projects as well.  Their salary range around 400 dollars to 500 dollars as well.

  • Reviewing different research articles on Google scholar
  • Developing research question
  • Writing research proposals
  • Writing literature review
  • Developing research design
  • Develop and create data collection tool
  • Give recommendation


Resume writing

The resume writing is also associating with the job task as well where different career counselling and professional development workshops that the university organized for students. To reviews resumes, the main task is to write the professional profile, qualifications, working experiences, extracurricular activities, and research publication as well. Their salary ranges from 50000 thousand to 80000 thousand Pakistan rupees as well.


Writing college application personal statements

The writing college personal statements is also one of the job descriptions tasks where different online freelancing agencies are asking to write statements for students as well. The personal statements allow college admission stakeholders to read their personal statements and make effective decision regarding their admission process so that the students will be able to enroll themselves in the university as well. Their salary range are 30000 thousand to 60000 thousand Pakistani rupees.


Transcribing interviews

The transcribing interviews is also one of the important job tasks as well. the job responsibilities are to listen to the recording of the interviews of the participants and write it or transcribe it in your own languages. The transcribing interviews required to transcribe it from webinars, YouTube videos, interview recording etc. Their salary ranges from 30000 thousand rupees to 60000 thousand rupees as well.


Curriculum Development developer

Let’s Awake, a registered non-profit in Canada, currently operating in 4 locations across Pakistan, Let’s Awake provides basic literacy to out of school children by partnering with local schools and setting up virtual classrooms. To find out further details about our organization,

Develop structured course outlines for specific subjects depending on intern’s interest, qualification and prior experience. The subjects offered include English, Math, Urdu, Computer Literacy, Everyday Science, & Humanities.

Collaborate with Let’s Awake Core Team to identify existing challenges and receive feedback on completed tasks

Carry out extensive research, both primary and secondary; this would include interviewing of old students and teachers as well as researching new, yet effective teaching techniques that fit our unique model

Coordinate with other interns to ensure an overall cohesive teaching approach


Project on development on accelerated learning design curriculum


Project task

Conduct a literature and program review of accelerated learning curricula in similar contexts, especially in Pakistan

Review any related Pratham materials globally to gauge adaptability to context, including ITA’s ‘Chalo Parho Barho’ program

Develop and/or adapt accelerated learning curricula for English, Urdu, and Maths


Project deliverable

Short literature review of need for accelerated learning programs in context, and of successful accelerated learning programs in similar contexts along with major design recommendations

Complete English, Urdu and Math curricula for students at different literacy and numeracy levels. At Grades 2 and 3 level and 4 and 5 level students will have 90 hours each in the school year devoted to this; curricula developed should be planned accordingly

Guidelines for teachers for implementation of curricula iv. Guidelines for system implementation of curricula

The salary range of the job is 60000 thousand rupees to 120000 rupees as well.


Project on Multigrade Lesson planning and Review


Project Tasks: For this project we would expect interns to

Go over our MGT training materials (less than 5 hours total)

Conduct some basic research into lesson planning and multi-grade lesson plan design principles

Go over existing exemplar lesson plans

Create some original lesson plans

Contribute extensively to lesson plan review, checking for typos, content accuracy, alignment with National Curriculum, alignment with MGT design principles, quality of content, and more.


Project deliverable

A minimum of original 10 lesson plan

A minimum of 80 reviewed lesson plan

A short report on observation during the lesson planning and reviewing process including for any recommendation for implementation

The salary range of the job is 50000 thousand rupees to 100,000 rupees as well.


Teaching Assistantship online

The teaching assistantship is a job that young graduates are doing with the professor in different universities. The job description of the teaching assistantship is about to grade all the students work such as assignment, quizzes, exams, and they also required to take attendance from the students as well. The teaching assistantship must do all the work and report to university professor as well. Their salary range is mostly about 50000 thousand to 80000 thousand in Pakistan rupees as well. The mode of the job is basically from work from home and all the classes are usually conducted with the zoom meeting or Microsoft team meeting as well.


Research assistantship

The research assistantship position allows the young graduates to work as well as facilitate the university professor to do some research work and help with the professor from the following task such as finding research articles, writing literature reviews, designing research methods, developing data collection tools, writing research proposals, writing thesis, and doing recommendation of the research as well. their salary range around 50000 thousand 80000 thousand Pakistani rupees as well.


Freelance writing

The Freelance writing is associate with writing articles or blogs for different topic as well. The topics can be on health, relationships, parenting, and any topics that is relevant to the different field as well. the freelance usually write articles on different range of words such as 1000 words, 2000 words, 4000 words etc. The freelance writing is a demanding field and different international agencies hires writers and researchers to write for them for different


Tech department

Because of Covid 19 which brings a lot opportunities for the young graduates and the professionals that to utilize their IT skills in the era of 21 century skills as well. The 21 century skills are critical thinking skills, collaboration skills, communication skills, ICT, technological literacy as well. The world is really shift to online as well.  young professionals or graduates relate to each other online on a virtual setting as well. everybody is using different technologies such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet, iPad etc. The information is just on the right click on the internet.

So there are different job opening in the IT sectors that really paying well such as software developer, senior software engineer, software architect, developer, system administration, full stack developer, technical supports specialist, front end developer, product manager, data analyst, data scientist, quality assurance analyst, development operation engineer, senior system engineer as well


Graphic Designing

The graphic designing is one of the field that is really in demand because of covid 19 and the young professionals or graduate are really brushing up their skills in this area because this field is really paying a lot of money to their clients as well.

So, the young graduates or professional are enhancing their graphic designing skills by taking online classes on different short courses websites such as Udemy, coursera, edx etc. These websites are providing different online courses on different themes as well.

The graphic designing course required following important component such as

  • Introduction to graphic design principal
  • Adobe illustration interface and basic tools
  • Tracing
  • Logo design and stationary design
  • Brochure design and poster design
  • App design
  • Adobe photo shop and interphase and basic tools which is required shape and size
  • Image editing and web banners
  • Image color editing
  • Skin retouching
  • Background removals
  • Social media kits
  • Adobe in design basic tools
  • Booklet design i.e. adobe in design


Software Adobe illustrator

This exercise can be solved using the following tool: Pen tool

In this Exercise you must trace the cartoon character attached below. You can consult the tutorials of this and previous weeks. You can also take help from the internet and some helpful material is also at the end of this document to guide you if you are stuck anywhere or on any point.


Software: Adobe Illustrator

This exercise can be solved using the following tool: Text tool, Shape tool, Pen tool, gradient tool etc.

In this Exercise you have to design a logo from any of the 7 types of logo. You can choose any of the type of logo. You have to design a logo for a shoe company for a startup business. Name of the company is “Affinity Shoes”. This company provides casual and sports shoes for men and women such as sneakers, joggers, trainers and formal shoes. Target audience of this brand is from 15 to 40 years. You can say this brand has to be launched as a competitor of Nike and Adidas. For references you can search or


Software: Adobe Illustrator

In this Exercise you have to design a mobile application for the same shoe company which you did in the previous exercise. Your first step should always be to visualize the application in your mind. What does it do? What problem does it solve or what convenience does it offer users? The name of the company is “Affinity Shoes”. This company provides casual and sports shoes. You can research and see how an application screen flow works. Some helpful material is mentioned at the end of this page.

Software: Adobe Photoshop

In this Exercise you have to retouch an existing portrait. You can consult the topics of this week. You have to remove unwanted spots or marks from the face, smooth skin texture and fix the colours. You have to provide a layer panel screenshot with a high-resolution image of the final result. You can consult the internet for help, but the topic mentioned in this week is the easiest way to retouch a portrait.

COVID 19 and working remotely

In this COVID 19 phases, the college students are facing a lot of challenges in economically because there was lacking the jobs in the fields that is why there is a  lot of jobs available online which promotes the work remotely offer for the candidates for different position based on their own interest. One of the candidates works from the Pakistan in one of the renowned education organization “The citizenship foundation” for the position of accelerated learning design curriculum program as well. the candidate is working from home and just required the sound internet connection and laptop as well.



There are a lot freelancing opportunities are available for the young graduates or professionals.  The freelancing is about that the student work for themselves such as receiving contract or project from different companies. The freelancer is considered the self-employed as well. the freelancer is always considered the contractor for their company as well.

there are round about 18 different websites that offers freelancing opportunities for the college students in the different areas of expertise such as writing and translation, digital marketing, graphic designing, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, business , lifestyle and industry as well.

These are some of the very important category that the fiverr has started to recommend the freelancer to work with them by following these categories. The fiverr is the largest and the most famous freelancer marketplace which facilitate the buyer as well as seller to work with them on different category based on their level of interest and time commitment as well. other freelancer is also following the same stuff, but they have different level of rules and regulation.

The other freelance sites are Upwork,, people per hour, Toptal, Flex jobs corporation and behance as well. these are the freelance website and there are many others too we just need to search on google.


Teaching online

During this Covid pandemic, the different university is offering their degree program of different subjects offering an online degree program in which the faculty members and students and stakeholders are meeting on online through zoom, Microsoft team and other software to get connected virtually to successfully perform the task as well. The university instructor teaching online while providing us a lot of reading resources on the LMS portal and they are also recording our session so that the students can watch the lectures online after finishing it. The instructors have also requested us to create a discussion forum where students just comment on the reading stuff and the instructors are responding to us back as well. All the classes are scheduled online on zoom considering the university shut down in this covid pandemic. To teach online effectively, the sound internet connection, the laptop, and the ability to work in remote settings. Google classroom is free web-based services and it is one of the best software to schedule classes online for school-going children. This google classroom offers to attend the classes online, create a discussion with instructors and the class fellows by virtually connected with them.


COVID 19 and working remotely

In this COVID 19 phases, the college students are facing a lot of challenges in economically because there was lacking the jobs in the fields that is why there is a  lot of jobs available online which promotes the work remotely offer for the candidates for different position based on their own interest. One of the candidates works from the Pakistan in one of the renowned education organization “The citizenship foundation” for the position of accelerated learning design curriculum program as well. the candidate is working from home and just required the sound internet connection and laptop as well.


Effective strategy for work from home

  • Always work proactively
  • Be multitasking
  • Clarify expectation
  • Establish office hours and be ready to schedule it
  • Maintain professional dress for the job
  • Set up office space for work
  • Use online time management tools
  • Do not mix up professional life and personal life as well



cover letter sample for online job application

I am Hassan andI have been working in the education sector for the past 7 years. Currently I am doing M Phil ELM ( Educational leadership and management) at Lahore University of management Science at LUMS School of Education I have completed my undergraduate degree in Education studies B.Ed. Hons under USAID teacher education project and Pakistan reading project(PRP) in the year 2017 from IBA in department of Education and training. Moreover, I had also been to Singapore by attending course in Economic and enterprise development at Entrepreneurship centre at National University of Singapore (NUS) at Singapore in 2015 under sponsorship of Mahvesh and Jahangir Siddique foundation & Habib University Karachi.

At LUMS School of education, in MPhil ELM program,  one of the course, ethnography in education policy course from the instructor, had provided us a lot of opportunity to analyze teaching and learning situation in the covid 19 which of course bring a educational emergencies to change educational transition to online learning at home. In this manner, I had got an opportunity to go through research articles, contacting and interviewing faculty, student and staff from different universities to know about how they are experiencing teaching and learning online in covid 19 challenging situation. So at the end of the course, I had also got an opportunity to give policy recommendation by analysing educational policy documents.

During my undergraduate years at IBA, I had been lead as well as engaged myself with faculty members  by conducting professional development workshops at IBA for engaging IBA community colleges teachers in areas of designing and developing effective  lesson planning, classroom management, analysing national curriculum document of Pakistan of different subjects such as science, social studies, Mathematics, pedagogical skills, educational psychology, curriculum development, classroom assessment, ICTs in education as well in Sukkur, Sindh

I had also served my knowledge and skills by working as an academic coordinator in oxford university Press Pakistan (OUP) in 2017. My main responsibilities were to work as a team with the sales staff and professional development team to conduct teachers training workshops by promoting oxford books materials in different private schools in Sindh region.

I had also worked on AAO Parhao educational initiative which was one of educational project   under express tribune under media coverage which aims to uplift the standard of teachers in Pakistan. Another educational project lets build school under IBA where we had provided infrastructure, school uniforms, and stationary to marginalise areas in Sukkur where school was located with different student societies stakeholders under IBA.

Technology in education plays significant role in teaching and learning process. ICTs in education (Instructional and communication technology in education) course in IBA  had provided me to understand the importance of technology in education where students as well as teachers has to engaged in developing effective audio as well as visual aids in learning such as teaching content to students based on educational videos through designing and developing effective lesson planning embedded technology based video. One world schoolhouse by Sal khan owner of Khan academy is one of the favourite books so far.

I have been doing a lot research work from developing research proposal, collecting data, analysing research methodology, doing educational policy research dialogue in the M Phil in Educational Leadership and management program at LUMS School of Education. Currently I am studying in the third semester as well.

I am extremely interested to work in CERP as an intern position in your educational project that involves in the development of teaching and learning materials for to use post C0VID 19 in Schools, Which these are review and documentation of SLO mapping, production of a descriptive report on the SLO mapping process, review of 420 lesson plans of 2 pages each and adaptation of these lesson plans into a more readable and user-friendly template as well. I am extremely confident about to contribute my professional experiences in CERP as well.

Recently, I had worked as an internship in TCF in one of the educational projects “Multigrade lesson planning and review. I had to review lesson planning and materials over there, I had conducted some basic research on multigrade lesson planning review, designing their SL0s into blooms taxonomy of educational objectives, checking for typos, content accuracy, design and align the SL0s based on the national curriculum document. The projects deliverable were included to review at least 10 lesson plan into standard lesson plan format, So I had reviewed maximum 80 lesson plan and I had written a short observational report on lesson planning and its reviewing process which included my recommendation as well as how effectively we can align national curriculum content based objectives into SL0s objectives as well.

I have good command of creating and developing effective lesson plans by critically seeing the SL0s into content based, reviewing the standard and benchmark of the national curriculum documents of different subjects and aligning it into Blooms taxonomy of educational objectives as well, Furthermore, I had learnt these effective lesson planning skills while I was in one of the educational project “USAID teacher Education and Pakistan reading project funded undergraduate degree in Education 4 years studies from IBA Sukkur.

I really want to work in the “Gurmani centre for RA “I strongly feel that I can contribute my research skills effectively by contributing there

I would be extremely grateful and humble to serve my knowledge and skills under “Gurmani centre RA “Platform. Please see my CV which highlighted my educational experiences. I am looking forward to your cooperative response in this regard


Hassan Qureshi



Freelance website that really paying well – let us know what you think and if you have any other  profession that pays well list it below in the comments box as we would really like to know.

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