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The qualifications, the application process, and the paperwork required to apply for a Work Holiday Pass (WHP).

The Work Holiday Pass (WHP) permits foreign understudies from specific nations to work in Singapore for a limit of a half year.

Members might get employment after showing up in Singapore, and there are no limitations on the sort of work or any base salary prerequisites.
To qualify, candidates should be understudies at a pre-endorsed college in one of the accompanying nations:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
United States
United Kingdom

Student Qualifications

Candidates need just have owned up to a Singapore-perceived college in Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States to apply. Understudies need not be citizens of one of these nations.

For the supported universities, see the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website.

Understudies who have acquired admission to a pre-supported college but have yet to begin their investigations may likewise apply. These candidates should be somewhere in the range of 17 and 30 years of age.

Beneficiaries of the Work Holiday Pass are not expected to get a job in Singapore before applying for the pass.

The Application Cycle

Candidates should be able to uphold themselves during their visit to Singapore financially. Therefore, they will be approached to declare that they have adequate funds to venture out to and from Singapore and pay for typical living expenses while in the country.

Candidates should likewise be healthy. However, a medical exam isn’t needed. They should again have individual medical insurance inclusion during their visit.

Candidates should have an email address to get correspondence from the Ministry of Manpower.

Instructions to apply for a Work Holiday Pass

The Work Holiday Pass application form must be downloaded and submitted through email. The documents expected for application are:

A letter from the pre-endorsed college or school as verification of understudy status.
The letter should incorporate the candidate’s name, ethnicity, gender, and date of birth.
A duplicate of a degree certificate or transcripts (for graduates, as it were).
A copy of the candidate’s passport page showing name, date of birth, gender, and photo

A duplicate of the first and an authority English interpretation guaranteed by the instructive establishment should be incorporated for degree certificates, transcripts, and letters not initially in English.

Connect scanned copies of the above documents while presenting the application form. These documents should be picture records in JPEG format (.jpg).

Note: connected records of scanned degree certificates and record documents should be at most 150KB, and the passport page connection should be no bigger than 100KB. Guarantee that images are clear before communicating.

Handling time

The Work Holiday Pass application will be handled in around 21 days. Candidates will be told through email.


Once acknowledged, understudies should gather the pass somewhere around 90 days from the In-Principle Approval Letter (IPA) date. Keys should be collected at the Work Pass Division of the Ministry of Manpower.

The accompanying documents should be introduced while getting the pass:

a substantial In-Principle Approval Letter
the beneficiary’s significant passport with two clear visa pages
Declaration Form
Work Holiday Program Employment Survey form
a return journey (full circle) travel ticket with a departure date preceding the lapse date of the Work Holiday Pass

There is a fee due on assortment. An extra cost is expected if a solitary or various excursion visa is essential (to go beyond Singapore during the legitimacy time of the Work Holiday Pass).

Installments might be made utilizing money, NETS, or a CashCard.


The Work Holiday Pass is substantial for a considerable time and isn’t renewable. Therefore, candidates should proclaim they won’t outstay the past and will leave the nation before its lapse.

To keep working in Singapore, an alternate work pass will be required.

Tracking down Employment

Work Holiday Pass holders are open to more than explicit sorts of work. Notwithstanding, existing permitting, enlistment, or license prerequisites (for example, medical occupations) will apply.

Since the pass is just for a transient work plan, no base salary is necessary.

The Ministry of Manpower and the Singapore Economic Development Board made the Contact Singapore website to expand worldwide ability and empower economic development.

The website extends to assets for tracking down employment opportunities in Singapore.

FAQ On Work Holiday Pass

Could I, at any point, Broaden My Visit to The Work Holiday Program?

You can apply for another work pass, similar to an Employment Pass or S Pass.

Could I re-apply for WHP Once more? Assuming this is the case, how long after can I repair it?

You can re-apply for another Work Holiday Pass a year from when your past one expired or was dropped.

If I have a Work Holiday Pass, can I remain in Singapore without a job at any point?

Indeed. You can remain in Singapore for a long time.

Could I go out of Singapore while on The Work Holiday Program?

Indeed. Assuming you are hanging tight for your Work Holiday Pass card, you can utilize the notice letter to go through Singapore.

Do I Have TO Get A New Line of Work Before I Apply for The Work Holiday Pass?


Nonetheless, if you’ll be working in callings, for example, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, architecture, or law, you should agree with enrollment prerequisites to rehearse in Singapore.

Is a medical examination required before applying for the Work Holiday Pass?

Nonetheless, you must make a health declaration before MOM gives you a pass.

Do I Fit the Bill For Work Holiday Pass (WHP) If I Study at a College from A Qualified Nation, Yet I’m Not The Country Citizen?


You qualify for however long you’re a full-time understudy or new student from a college in a qualified country.
You are 18 to 25 at the hour of application.
You are an undergrad or graduate of a college in Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, or the United States.
Your college is perceived by the public authority of the ten nations or locales.
For undergraduates: you have been an occupant and a full-time understudy of the college for about three months before applying for the pass.
For graduates: you were an occupant and a full-time understudy of the college.

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